The Fall

by Shane Combs

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All Instruments/ arrangements, mixing/ mastering, recording and artwork by Shane Combs.


released July 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Shane Combs Michigan

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Track Name: All The Time
See the summer fall away back over now all the times i spent here asking what i can do just to see you once again i know you will come back now all the time i spent here thinking all the time just to get to you i see the winter fall back over now all the times ive spent here waiting all the times youve come back to me i think theres not room for me to die always asking me why asking you why, spin in circles
Track Name: Find a Way
Find Someway to fall into the place find somewhere to go away into the water worlds asking to stay or to change, its all you know you know its gone the one you know is someone else, ive spent so long away sing along my worlds, find who you can call nobodys waiting anymore, sending my life to the back recreating the fall, now your words will make me up, your words will wake me up
Track Name: Meant To Be
im not concerned of the outer appearance of what this would seem to be to you im lost inside nowhere to hide no way to find my way back home, but theres no reason to go back, but theres no reason to go back, i will never see again the world im from is always an end as you find me again in the light, always know that its you i wait for always know that its you ive changed for always know that i love you still
Track Name: I Never Knew
i tried so hard but dont waste time, você é minha eu te amo, will i ever be by you, Você é Minha eu te amo, i never knew i never knew that this could be an end, sending my life in backwards motion, turning me round into the ocean, everything i see will be gone now, drifting apart to the light.
Track Name: Next To Me
All Alone by the creek watching the past move in front of me thinking about all that i see ive gone so far ive looped back into myself all i have is nothing all i have is nothing all i have is spinning all by me you are the reason i stay alone you are the reason i talk to nobody anymore all my mine was always gone to make it, all my always gone always into the waterfall always dissapearing now i was hoping you could stay to be the next one i want my fate to be gone and i like you that way wont you stay. i wish you were next to me will there ever be a day when i dont? i dont know will there ever be a day when i dont probably not.
Track Name: 5712 Reprise
I just might have to tell you how i love you but im afraid you wont love me too but now ive got nothing to lose so now i guess its worth a shot for you my babe im on the other side i found you before in another life i remember your eyes i remember no one dies i may be wrong and have no shot but youre all i got so please please find me again before i find the end
Track Name: The Fall
as you see good times are gone now i cant see at all all there is to be and why you are here im alone im alone moving around and i cant get out all my love all my love, as you see why we fall through the ground in the summer days and why only to be there when the sun and sea are so far away now and i go and you will see. As you float out of the water you see it makes me nothing what i want to be as you float through the stream lights it will be there crushing your eyes, and i want time, why you are the soul, ill leave you every minute, now i fall back to you i couldnt see how perfect it was you have changed my ways oh so i can grow now and i will always miss you i dont want to be alone when i die forever. without a place i do move away and i see the sun and i see the brightness glaring up into a time that is my own as i do see you in the distance fogging my mind fall away dont fade away bring me something, we have died another place and always dissapear so i move to where i cant be found.